technology stack - locize is serverless

No Servers?

We believe that the best DevOps is NoOps. Nothing against DevOps or DevOps people. On the contrary, but we think we could do differently!

Instead of spending time on setting up virtual machines and maintaining them, we setup our stack directly on different services – leaving ourselves more time to work on great features.

locize gave us a chance to have a look around at new paths for building long lasting components.

We used a set of AWS solutions:

but specifically:

Amazon Lambda

AWS Lambda is a compute service where you can upload your code to AWS Lambda and the service can run the code on your behalf using AWS infrastructure. All this without the hassle of own virtual machines, containers or any infrastructure for that matter. It integrates very well with S3 (where we serve the localized files) and with DynamoDB (our main work storage). We don’t have to worry about scaling, multi-server communication and other problems related to distributed systems. We use the node.js runtime for all our lambda functions.

Amazon API Gateway

AWS API Gateway lets you create a RESTful API to expose selected back-end features. The back end can be another AWS service, such as AWS Lambda or AWS DynamoDB, or it can be an existing web application.

Below you can see how locize uses this services

What about the client side?

In an other blog post ;-)